What’s Your Real Motivation?
  In my world “motivation” is a dirty word… It stinks of having too much passion and not enough purpose (you’re welcome Jerry). Listen, Passion is fine and all but it’s not strong enough to fuel your actions over the long term; it’s a bright flame that can burn intensely and then fizzle out quickly. › Read more
The Turkish Get for Core Strength and Shoulder Mobility The Turkish Get Up or TGU is a blast from the past, apparently having roots in the Ottoman Empire’s Military as an all around builder of baddasses. More recently, it got plenty of exposure in the 1900’s Circus Strongman circles. Today, we use this exercise to › Read more
The dead bug is hands down my favorite core and ab exercise, I include it in almost every warm up session for my clients and it can work great for dedicated ab work.  . Why you should use the Dead Bug: The thing I find most useful about the dead bug exercises is that they › Read more
Top 3 Ab Exercises to Build a Strong Core
Build an Iron Core with these 3 Ab exercises If you’re looking for some real ab work, to tighten & strengthen your midsection, you need to ditch the sit ups and crunches, and focus on some more inclusive core work. Here is a list of my top 3 favorite ab exercises that will develop a › Read more
Thrive Hero of the Month September 2016
Brenna Vanderheyden 1. Tell us a little about yourself (age, job, hobbies?) My name is Brenna. I’m 18 years old. I sell insurance for Farmer’s and I manage the office. My hobbies include lifting weights, eating, writing, and drinking coffee.  2. What Initially lead you to Thrive Athletics? I was never able to stick with › Read more
Functional is a term that gets thrown around these days more than a gym bro’s shaker bottle! But what makes fitness FUNCTIONAL?  Are you more functional when you stand on 1 leg and juggle weights? No. How about when you stand on squishy surfaces with a barbell on your back? Nope… OR, is it trying › Read more
June 2016 Thrive Hero of the Month
June 2016 Thrive Hero of the Month: Kris Cooke Tell us about yourself I’m a 26 year old young man who takes pride in everything I do. I believe in the law of attraction and try to live my life to my best abilities. What Initially lead you to Thrive Athletics? Well I was looking › Read more
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