Top 3 Ab Exercises to Build a Strong Core

Build an Iron Core with these 3 Ab exercises

If you’re looking for some real ab work, to tighten & strengthen your midsection, you need to ditch the sit ups and crunches, and focus on some more inclusive core work.

Here is a list of my top 3 favorite ab exercises that will develop a strong mid section! These 3 exercise also have the additional benefit of needing no, or very minimal equipment to set up, so you can do them almost anywhere.


1. The Dead Bug:

this has got to be one of the MOST underrated ab exercise available. You need ZERO equipment and this on will light your abs up light crazy. Keep it SLOW and controlled, otherwise you’re wasting your time. CLICK HERE for a more in depth look at the Dead Bug Set up and Progressions to make it even more badass. I like to hit these in the 10-20 rep range for a couple of sets. Often we’ll use this as part of our dynamic warm up series.

2. The Pallof Press:

The great core exercise with a weird name. There are many flavors of this exercise to suit different needs. I love it because it will teach you how to properly brace and tighten your abs, glutes and obliques all at once. It’s kind of a self teaching exercise if you have it set up correctly. CLICK HERE to see how to set it up and see some of our our most used progressions.

This is a great anti rotation exercise and is easily included into dedicated ab training time or as part of a circuit. Hit this for 10-15 reps on each side and use a controlled temp in each direction, with a short pause when the arms are fully extended. 

3. The Turkish Get Up Sit Up:

This is simply the 1st few movements of the Turkish Get Up performed as a standalone ab/core exercise. It has many, benefits as a dynamic warm up movement or as dedicated core work as well. CLICK HERE to learn the basic Turkish Get Up.

I tend to sleep the reps a little lower for this exercise and try to avoid to much fatigue, try multiple sets of 3-5 sets either as direct ab work or as part of a circuit.


There you have it, 3 VERY effective exercises to help strength your core and abs that you can ad easily to any training session.

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