What’s Your Real Motivation?


"Le raison avant la passion - Reason over passion". - Pierre Trudeau

In my world “motivation” is a dirty word…

It stinks of having too much passion and not enough purpose (you’re welcome Jerry).

Listen, Passion is fine and all but it’s not strong enough to fuel your actions over the long term; it’s a bright flame that can burn intensely and then fizzle out quickly.

It will fill you completely up with short term motivation and leave you exhausted, disappointed and feeling defeated.

But at least you can say “ I gave it my everything”, right?

How many times have YOU yourself told yourself That TODAY is the DAY and you get yourself worked up int a frenzy, throw out all of the junk food in the house, set your alarm early to hit hard in the morning?

How long did that last?

1 week; 2 weeks?

The Grim Statistics

Typically 80% of people who joined a gym in January quit within five months.

Pretty f’n Dismal right?

I mean, what gives? Why are some many people leaving their fitness and health journeys so early with so many goals, aspirations and resolutions left as just “nice ideas”.

There are a ton of reasons I’m sure.

But the short answer is that life got BACK in the way.

There’s responsibilities, obligations, schedules, budgets & unexpected set backs.

It all adds up pretty quickly.

The answer? Find your REAL Motivation.

The truth is two fold:

  1. 1. You didn’t want it bad enough.
    It is a simple fact of human psychology that if we want something badly enough, we’ll do everything we can to get it.  It becomes our reason for existing.
  2. 2. You relied on Passion too much.
    This is like making decisions with your heart and not your head. Turn your goals into a PURPOSE and have a definite maker of achievement.

Your challenge is to find out what REALLY motivates you to get serious about fitness and and turn into a purpose for creating the new habits that will get it done.

What’s Your REAL Motivation?

it is all about finding what really motivates you deep down. The thing that makes you cringe when you think about failure.

Here are some more common motivations.

1.  You want to stare death in the face and call him a bitch.
Personally, this is where my motivation comes from. I want to feel capable, awesome and athletic as long as humanly possible. I HATE feeling beat down or tired, and not able to do things with my family.

I know the best way for me to stay young is strength training and conditioning work done at a repeatable level.

2.  You want to be a sexy beast.
Appearance isn’t everything, but it sure as hell can be motivating when your wife starts to notice your back and chest!

Reportedly women rank confidence high on the list of “things that make men sexy” and filling a shirt out in the right places is definitely a confidence booster.

3.  You have… frustrations.
Need to blow off some steam? Dead Lift.
Work deadlines got you down? Dead Lift.
Kids driving you nuts? Dead Lift.
Bench not going up? Dead Lift.

4.  You want to feel strong like bull.
Nothing says “I do work” like putting heavy weight over head, or ripping a heavy ass bar off of of the floor.

Soon it’s like a scene in flight club where you’re just walking around sizing everything and everyone up – “That Fiat; I could lift that… That dude doesn’t even squat…I wonder if can carry this fridge up the stairs by myself?”

You do not have to be part of that 80 percent who quit.  

You can stay committed and finish strong.

Find your REAL motivation and use it to establish purpose.

When you have purpose, you can break it into actionable steps and get shit done.

What are your REAL motivations? Leave me a comment below or give us a shout on FB. 

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